starkes Holz


Sägewerk Thomas Rettensteiner

  • Thomas Rettensteiner’s sawmill was founded in 1952 by Thomas Rettensteiner senior.
  • He was a farmer and a round wood dealer just like his father was.
    In 1983 his son Thomas Rettensteiner became the owner of the company.
  • In 1981 the renovation and updating of the entire sawmill, the buildings and the other machines were started.
  • In 1993 we built a heating house in the company area. Since then we supply the town with hot water which is warmed by our
    mill wastage which is 100% biological and consists of bark and other remaining parts of the wood.
  • In 1993 Thomas Rettensteiner started to dry the wood in technical dry rooms.
  • In 2005 after the success of the first dry room a second dry room was built. This doubled the capacity and made it possible to deliver everything in time without a loss of quality.
  • We ensure the constant first-rate quality of the materials by using round wood supplies only from the Pongau district.